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Levitating Objects

Please fill out the below application to the best of your ability.

Student Application

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LUCA Student Enrollment Application

A. Student Info
B. Parent / Gaurdian Info

First Parent / Guardian

Preferred method of contact:

Second Parent / Guardian - If not applicable, leave blank

Preferred method of contact:
C. School History

Please list the school last attended. If your child does not have a previous school, leave blank.

Describe your child’s extracurricular interests and/or achievements.

D. Student History

For your child’s best interest, please be candid when you answer the following questions. Further elaboration on your answers may take place during an interview.

Has your child ever received First Steps services?
Has your child ever had 504 accommodations or an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in other schools?
Has your child ever received any special help or tutoring?
Has your child ever skipped or repeated a grade for any reason?
Has your child received any special honors or awards for scholastic achievements?
Has your child ever been suspended or expelled by a previous school?
Has your child ever been referred for academic or psychological testing?
Does your child have any behavioral problems?
Has your child been subjected to disciplinary actions?
Has your child ever been examined or treated by a counselor/doctor/psychiatrist for attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD)?
Do you suspect or have you been told that your child might have dyslexia?
Does your child have any physical disabilities or illnesses?
Has your child ever been involved in legal problems or been arrested?
G. Signature / Uploads

If applicable, please upload a recent photo and the most recent report card for the student applying.

Upload Professional References
Upload Personal References

By e-signing this application, you are stating that all the information provided in this application is true to the best of your knowledge.

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